REST Services
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Alpha Anywhere allows you to create your own REST APIs. REST APIs can be used to allow third party applications or other Alpha Anywhere applications to interact with your application, including providing access to workflows and processes you have built as well as allowing access to SQL databases. You can also consume REST services in your Alpha Anywhere applications.
Accessing Rest API Services from Server-side Xbasic Code
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How to access Rest API Services using Xbasic.
Creating REST APIs
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DotNet::Services Class
Implements all of the .NET integration functions.
Node Services and Modules
Tools for adding and working with Node Services and Node Modules in a workspace.
Creating a REST Service for a SQL Database
/documentation/pages/Guides/Services/Creating REST APIs/SQL DB REST Service.xml

Create a REST API to access your SQL Database using the REST Service genie.

Node Services
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Node services can be called from Node modules, other Node services and Xbasic scripts.
Web Services - Example WCF Web Service
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Working with Web Services.
Populating a ViewBox from a REST API
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The ViewBox control can be populated from a REST API data source by setting the Datasource type to "REST API". Use this option to make a REST API call to retrieve the JSON data to be rendered in the ViewBox.