Run multiple applications or web sites by using multiple Application Server configuration files


Traditionally, Application Server administrators provide service for multiple applications by using a single instance of the Application Server, placing each distinct application within a different subdirectory under the webroot.

If you need to host multiple sites on the one server, it is recommended that you use the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS. The Application Server for IIS supports virtual hosting, which allows you to have multiple sites with separate domains using one IP address.

While this is an effective solution for hosting multiple applications, it has several drawbacks, including cluttered URLs, such as and, and shared sessions among sites. By using multiple instances of the Application Server, each to provide service for only one specific application or site, sessions are no longer shared and URLs may be further customized. This configuration requires one IP address per application or site.

  1. Make sure that the server's operating system has at least one IP address for each application you would like to provide service for. For specific information on how to do this, consult your network administrator.

  2. Configure DNS for to point to the first IP address and to point to the second IP address. For specific information on how to do this, consult your network administrator.

  3. Create an XML configuration file for each application and start server instances for each site (see above). Any errors about the servers being unable to start at this point are expected.

  4. Configure the server for the first application to use the assigned IP address (on the Advanced tab). Also change the document root and any other settings as required. Repeat for the second application.

  5. Click Start to start each instance of the Application Server.

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