User's Guide


Alpha Anywhere User Guide.


Data Integration

Guides on using manipulating data in the server.


Connecting to and working with Databases (SQL, noSQL) and other data sources in Alpha Anywhere.


Genies available from the Xbasic Code Editor right click menu assist in writing code.

Localization & Application Internationalization

Applications supporting multiple languages can be built in Alpha Anywhere.

Mobile and Web Components

Components are the building blocks of Alpha Anywhere applications. A workspace can contain one or more components. Some types of components are better suited for mobile applications or web applications.


The integrated Cordova App Builder allows developers to easily build native, hybrid mobile applications from within Alpha Anywhere.


Report topics in Alpha Anywhere

Security Framework

Alpha Anywhere includes a robust security framework for building secure applications.


Direct access to NoSQL databases.

Web Socket Server

The Web Socket Server allows you to build 'connected' application (like a message board) where all of the clients are permanently connected to the Web Socket Server.


An Alpha Anywhere workspace contains all files for a desktop, mobile, or web application.

Python Integration

Utilizing Python scripts in applications.

.Net Integration

Guides and examples on using Microsoft .Net from Xbasic.


Guides for using Xbasic, Alpha Anywhere's server-side scripting language.


An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to building Desktop applications.

Alpha Shell

Quickly test your components on a mobile device using Alpha Shell, a free app available in the iOS and Android app stores.


Alpha Cloud

User Guides for Alpha Cloud

Application Server for IIS

Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS

Classic Application Server

The Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server is used with web and mobile applications.

Alpha Launch

Alpha Launch allows you to install mobile Alpha Anywhere apps to Apple and Android devices without the need to go through an App Store.

Alpha TransForm

Alpha TransForm

Create applications against the Alpha TransForm API using helper features and built-in Xbasic functions designed to make working with the Alpha TransForm API simple.

Beta Features

Document Templates

Creating PDFs and DOCX files from a template.

Federated authentication

The Security Framework supports using federated authentication using SAML identity providers such as Active Directory, Okta, and Ping Identity.

List Calendar Layout

The List Calendar Layout renders list records (events) in a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar layout.