Starting the Classic Application Server


Instructions for starting and stopping the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server

  1. If the Application Server is not currently running, launch the Classic Application Server. Look for the Application Server icon in the toolbar system tray. If a red circle appears on the icon, right-click and select Start server from the context menu. The toolbar icon will change to a green circle icon to indicate the server is running.

  2. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon (or select Configure Server from the context menu) to open the server settings dialog. Click the Start Server button to start the server. Click Yes to confirm the action when prompted.

To display the Application Server settings, click on the icon in the toolbar system tray. In the resulting dialog, make sure that you have properly configured the server. For details, refer to Configuring and Running the Server.


The Server Status icon will change from red to green to show that the server is running. If you wish to stop or restart the server, you may use the Stop Server and Restart Server buttons. Note the Document Root setting. This is where you want to place all pages the Application Server will serve up to client applications.

Starting the Web Application Server Automatically 

The Web Application Server does not currently run as a Windows service. See Running Alpha Anywhere as a Service to learn more.

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