Connecting to Oracle


A guide to using auto-increment in Oracle.

Support for Auto-Increment

To support auto-increment in Oracle, the Oracle syntax handlers and APIs now behave as follows:

  1. The Oracle connection dialog allows a choice of Portable SQL or Java as the language of choice for generated triggers.

    • Sets the A5ProcedureLanguage keyword in the connection string.

  2. The OracleLite connection dialog allows a choice of "AutoIncrement" or "Sequence" as the implementation of choice for auto-increment columns.

    • Sets the A5AutoIncrementImplementation in the connection string.

  3. The Oracle syntax handler now generates either a Portable SQL or Java trigger to manage insertions for sequences imported by Alpha Anywhere from auto-increment columns in other databases.

  4. The Oracle Lite syntax handler now generates a Java trigger to manage sequences or creates an auto-increment column.

  5. Two new methods are available to the SQL::Connection object. Both of these functions return the valid list for the current syntax and assume that you have set the syntax for the connection before making the call.

    • ListProcedureLanguages()

    • ListAutoIncrementImplementations()

In general, auto-increment columns are mapped to Oracle sequences. SQL::Connection::GetTableInfo() will only return the correct information if Alpha Anywhere creates the tables. There is no way to connect a sequence to a table otherwise.

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