Displaying Selected Lookup Table Records (Filtered Lookups)


If you want to be able to choose from a subset of lookup table records, you can build a filter expression. Records that do not satisfy the filter do not appear in the lookup window.


Assume you have a Price table with the following data:

Part Number

Assume that you have designed an Order Form. This form contains a variable (called CustomerType ) in which you specify if the order is for a retail or wholesale customer.

The CustomerType variable must be defined as a Session variable as Part of the Order table structure. To define the variable, click Table Structure and then select Table > Global Variables. If you do not define the variable as a Session variable, you will not be able to specify the Filter expression shown below.

You would like to design a table lookup Field Rule for the Part Number field that displays the appropriate records in the lookup window depending on the customer type (Retail, or Wholesale).Here is how you would define the table lookup rule for the Part Number field:


Specifying That You Can Add Entries to the Table or Edit Existing Entries

If you want to be able to add records to a lookup table directly from the lookup window, check the User can add entries to table check box.If you want to be able to change records in a lookup table directly from the lookup window, check the User can edit existing entries check box.