Duplicating a Table


To duplicate a table with the Duplicate Table dialog box:

  1. Right click on a table in the Control Panel, and select Utilities > Duplicate.

  2. Or, click Table > Utilities > Duplicate ... .

  3. Indicate which components of the source table should be duplicated, by checking any of the Records, Indexes, Dictionary, or Field Rules check boxes.

    • Records

      Copies the data of your application

    • Indexes

      You may not want to copy indexes, since they can be large and can be regenerated without loss of information.

    • Dictionary

      Copies the design of your application

    • Field Rules

      Copies the field rules used by your application

  4. Optionally, click Save Settings to cause the current settings to be displayed the next time you open the Duplicate Table dialog box.

  5. Enter the new table name either by:

    • 1. Typing it into the New Table Name field.

    • 2. Clicking Browse and selecting a table to replace from the New Table Name dialog box.

  6. Click OK to conclude or Cancel to discard your inputs.

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