FoxPro Compatibility


Alpha Anywhere uses FoxPro v2.6 tables. The current versions of FoxPro ( Visual FoxPro 6 and above) have a different file format. Alpha Anywhere cannot read these newer FoxPro formats. However, the newer versions of FoxPro can still read their old format (the format that Alpha Anywhere uses).

If your FoxPro application is using old style FoxPro tables (so called "free tables" in FoxPro terminology), then it would be safe for an Alpha Anywhere application and a FoxPro application to be running simultaneously in most situations. The situation in which it would not be safe is if you have defined an index and used a function in the index definition that FoxPro does not understand. For example, and index on w_upper(fname) or ut(fname) + lname would cause a problem because w_upper() and ut() are Alpha Anywhere functions that don't exist in FoxPro. So, at worst you will get an index corruption (which is easily fixed by rebuilding indexes). However, no data should be lost. FoxPro should see record locks applied by Alpha Anywhere and vice versa.