Record List Events


You can trap an event when the user clicks on the column heading of a column in a record list. For example, the following script traps events for the record list control. By including the directive:


in the definition of the record list, you instruct Alpha Anywhere to generate all events for the record list. When you click on the first column heading, a_dlg_button will be set to rl_column1, etc. (The " rl_ " prefix is defined by the " !rl_* " directive). This script prints the name of the event to the Trace window.

ui_dlg_box("Print Mail Label",<<%dlg%
Preview mail labels for which customer?;
[%kl=clients,{keylist_build('h=.05,1:25[[[Name],2:25[Phone],3:25[City]', customer_id,alltrim(firstname)+' '+lastname, phone, city)}%.60,10key!rl_*];
if a_dlg_button = "cancel" then
    'do nothing - close the dialog
else if a_dlg_button = "ok" then
    filter_expression = "customer_id = '"+key+"'"
    a_dlg_button = ""
end if

Here is some sample output from the Trace window generated by changing the row in the record list that has focus, and by clicking on the various column headings:


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