Removing Selected Records from a Table


You can remove selected records from a table based on the records in another table called a "remove list". This is useful, for example, in mailing list applications when you receive notification from recipients that they want to be removed from your mailing list.

  1. Right-click on a table, and select Utilities > Remove Records from a table.

  2. Select the table that will lose records in the Remove records from which table list.

  3. Select the table that contains the list of records to remove in the Which table contains the list of records list.

  4. Enter an expression in the Primary table key field. This expression must uniquely identify each record that you want to remove from the primary table.

  5. Enter an expression in the Remove key list field. This expression must provide values that match values produced by the Primary table key expression

  6. Optionally, check the Suppress confirmation message check box if you do not want to confirm each record removal.

  7. Click OK to remove records or Cancel to quit.

This command differs from the Subtract operation because the Subtract operation creates a new table.