Using DBF Files


Alpha Anywhere stores its data in standard .DBF files. This means that, if you have data in .DBF file format, you can use it directly in Alpha Anywhere. You do not have to first import the data. Programs that create .DBF files that Alpha Anywhere can use directly include Alpha Four, ACT, and GoldMine.

DBF files created by Visual FoxPro V6 or higher cannot be used directly by Alpha Anywhere, and have to be imported using the ODBC Import Genie.

Here is how to use your existing .DBF files with Alpha Anywhere. First, let's review some Alpha Anywhere terminology.

  • A .DBF file is referred to as a table in Alpha Anywhere. In Alpha Four, and in some other programs, a .DBF file is referred to as a database.

  • A database in Alpha Anywhere is analogous to a folder. A database contains your tables (i.e. your .DBF files).

Your .DBF files can by physically located in any folder on your machine, or on your network. The database actually just contains references to the files.

Adding .DBF Files to a New Database

You can either add your .DBF files to a new Alpha Anywhere database, or to an existing database. In this example, we will show you how to add your .DBF files to a new database. The procedure is essentially the same for adding your .DBF files to an existing database.

  1. Select the "New Database..." option at the Welcome screen, then click the OK button. Alpha Anywhere then prompts for the name of your new database. It is recommended that you create a new folder for your database.

  2. Enter the name of your new database, then click the Save button. Alpha Anywhere opens your new database and shows the Control Panel. At this stage there is nothing in your new database.

  3. Click the green '+' icon on the toolbar, (or select the File > Add Tables/Sets... command, or right click on the white space in the Tables/Set tab of the Control Panel and select Add Tables/Sets ). The Add Tables/Sets to Database dialog box appears.

  4. Click the 'open file' icon to select the folder that contains your .DBF files.

  5. Click the Add Table>> button to select the .DBF files that you want to add to the database.

  6. Click OK when you are done. Alpha Anywhere adds the .DBF files that you selected to the current database.