Specify Table Name Dialog


Steps for specifying a table name dialog.

  1. When the Specify Table Name dialog appears, click the 'open folder' icon in the Table Name control to define the name of the target table. This may be an existing table or a new table. To specify a table in the current database, do not specify a drive or path.

  2. If the Show Xbasic button appears, you may click it to view and copy the Xbasic code that will create the table.

  3. If the Customize Table Structure button appears:

    • Optionally, click Customize Table Structure to display the Customize Field Definitions dialog.

    • There are 3 options that you may enable:

      • Size all character fields to fit the data in the field

      • Convert all time fields to date fields

      • Override field definitions of selected fields

    • If you enable Override field definitions of selected fields, click Field Definitions to display the Override Field Definitions dialog.

    • Click OK to continue.

  4. Click OK to create the table.

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