When Calculated Fields are Calculated


Merely adding a field to a table and giving it a field rule calculation expression does not fill the field with values. A field rule does not calculate until one of three events occurs.

  • A record is added to the table

  • One of the fields in the calculation is changed or edited in a record

  • Run the Re-Evaluate rules function.

To re-evaluate field rules for a table:

  1. Select the table in the Table/Sets tab of the Control Panel.

  2. Select Table > Utilities > Recalculate Calc Fields (Field Rules).

When running an operation that updates records in a table, Alpha Anywhere updates only the calculated fields directly affected by changing table field values. Alpha Anywhere does not update calculated fields that depend on the contents of other calculated fields. Adding the following piece of code in your operation will solve the problem.
dim tbl as P
tbl = table.open(tablename)

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