Create Operation


The Create Operation action allows the user to create a new Alpha Anywhere operation. The operation's basic characteristics are set ahead of time, and the user defines operation specifics at run-time.


  1. Optionally check Show extended list of operations to expand the list of operations.

  2. Select an operation from the list of operations.

  3. Depending on your selection, you may see the Use Genie to create Operation check box. This check-box specifies whether or not Alpha Anywhere will automatically open the Script Genie at run-time for the user to complete the operation definition.

  4. Specify how you will choose the table or set in the Create operation for list. There are three options:

    • "Current table or set". The operation will be performed on the currently open table or set.

    • "Specify table or set now". Choose a different table or set.

    • "Prompt for table or set at run-time". The table or set is left unspecified until the user chooses one at run-time.

  5. If you selected "Specify table or set now", select a table or set from the Table/Set Name list.

  6. Click Next >.

  7. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  8. Click Finish.


Desktop Applications Only

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