Using Operation Builders


If you prefer not to use one of Alpha Anywhere's Genies for performing an operation, you can define the operation yourself using the appropriate Operation Builder (e.g. the Copy Builder or the Export Builder ). The following section describes how to perform operations using the different Operation Cards. You define the operation by filling in the Card.

Even if you prefer to work with an Operation Builder directly, the Operation Genies are still useful because they can be used to fill in the Builder for you. You can then edit the settings in the Builder that were entered by the Genie.

Key Terms:

  • Operation : A process in which data is manipulated. Data may come from one or more tables.

  • Transaction Table : A table used in an operation which is generally not changed by the operation.

  • Master Table : A table used in an operation which is usually changed by the operation.

  • Result Tale : Contains the output of an operation, depending on the operation type.

  • Linking Key : A common value between two records in different tables.

  • Violated Table : A table created by certain operations if the Field Rules of the master or transaction table will be violated by the operation.

To create a new operation while in the Control Panel :

  1. Click the Operations tab and click the New button.

  2. The Create Operation Genie appears to take you through the process of creating a new operation.


Desktop Applications Only