Using Quick Operations


Often, when you are viewing records in form or browse view, you would like to do a quick Operation on the data (such as Update the value in a selected field in the records that are currently selected), or copy the selected records to a new table, or move the selected records to a new table. You have no need to save the Operation definition for future use. In these cases, the ad-hoc, quick Operations are ideal because they generally involve far fewer steps than defining a new saved Operation. When viewing records in a form or Browse, you can use the Records menu for quick access to the following ad-hoc Operations.

Ad-hoc Operations provide a subset of the features available when you define operations from the Operations tab on the Control Panel.


The following ad-hoc Operations are available:

When you use the ad-hoc Operation commands in browse mode, you can select the records on which the operation works, using the record selector. For example, by selecting records in browse mode, the Update Selected Records operation will only update the selected records.


Desktop Applications Only