Viewing the Xbasic of Operations


Alpha Anywhere allows you to create and save operations that you users may need to perform on a repetitive basis. The operations that you may create are:

  • Append records

  • Convert case of fields

  • Copy records

  • Crosstab records

  • Delete duplicate records

  • Delete records

  • Export records

  • Import records

  • Intersect records

  • Join tables

  • Mark duplicate records

  • Mark records

  • Post records

  • Query records

  • Search and replace in fields

  • Subtract records

  • Summarize records

  • Unmark duplicate records

  • Unmark records

  • Update records

The Xbasic syntax for operations can be complex and difficult to write. The easiest way to write the Xbasic for an operation is to interactively define it with a genie or with the appropriate dialog boxes, save the operation with a meaningful name, and then copy and paste the Xbasic for the operation into a script.

  1. Select the Operations tab of the Control Panel.

  2. Click New and select the operation type.

  3. Select the base table or set.

  4. Click the Create Using Genie or the Create button (to display the operation card dialog box).

  5. Save the operation.

There are two ways to view the Xbasic for a saved operation. You can right click on the Operation in the Control Panel and select the View Xbasic command, or you can edit an Operation and click the XB (View Xbasic) toolbar button. In the latter case, Alpha Anywhere shows you three different "versions" of Xbasic.

  • Raw - the Xbasic code without any error checking. If you use this version then your script is responsible for getting a pointer to the table on which the Operation will work.

  • Processed - the normal Xbasic code with confirmation dialogs. This is the Xbasic that is actually executed when you double click on an Operation name in the Control Panel.

  • Processed, without confirmation dialogs - the Xbasic code that runs silently.

If you would like to use the Xbasic in a script or user defined function, click the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the Xbasic into your code.


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