Execute INSERT Query on a SQL Database


The Execute INSERT Query on a SQL Database action allows you to insert one or more records into a remote SQL database. Alpha Anywhere will use AlphaDAO (Alpha Data Access Objects) to connect to the remote database.

It is not necessary to use the Connect to SQL Database action before using this action.


  1. Enter the required connection string into the Options > Connection string property. If you do not have a ready-made connection string, you may click to display the Connection String dialog.

    • Optionally, select a named connection string from the drop-down list.

    • Optionally, select Specify a connection string and click Build to display the Create SQL Connection String dialog.

    • Click OK to return to the Script Genie.

  2. In the Options > Table to delete record(s) from property click the '...' button to display the Select Table dialog.

    • Select a table or view from the list of entries.

    • Select an entry and click OK

  3. In the Options > Columns to update property click the '...' button to display the Select Columns dialog.

  4. Select the fields you wish to update and click OK.

  5. In the Options > Set column values property click the '...' button in the Options > Arguments property to display the Column Mapping dialog.

  6. Click Next >.

  7. Optionally, enter a comment that describes the action.

  8. Click Finish.

If you ran this action to generate sample Xbasic code, right click on the action and select View Xbasic.


Desktop Applications Only

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