Overview - Client/Server Applications


Alpha Anywhere's Enterprise software gives you the ability to read and write to back-end database products in a manner similar to the way you would read and write to an Alpha Anywhere table. The term "back-end database" refers to the following ODBC compatible database products which support the SQL query language.


Alpha Anywhere continues to add support for other products, so if your favorite back-end database is not on the list, check with Alpha Software. In addition, the generic ODBC driver will support many database products that are not listed.

Alpha Anywhere implements the back-end database connectivity with genie dialogs and an extensive tool kit of objects named AlphaDAO. AlphaDAO provides Action Scripting and Xbasic compatible functions that will let you:

  • open a connection to a back-end database

  • select records from a table or view

  • browse through those records

  • retrieve them to your PC

In addition, you can access a back-end database to:

  • add records

  • delete records

  • edit records

The advanced user will also find tools that allow him or her to:

  • manage back-end databases

  • manage tables and views

  • manage user security

Naturally, the standard access and security features of your back-end database still apply, and ultimately control any actions that you can take.


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