SQL Genie Properties Tab


The Properties tab of the SQL Genie defines additional expressions that limit and group the records that your SQL SELECT statement will return.


Any time that the Execute Query button ('lightning' icon) is enabled, you may click it to see a sample of the records that the query will return. At any time you may click the History button to see a list of SQL statements previously created in this session in the SQL History Dialog.


To add a GROUP BY clause to your SQL SELECT statement:

  1. Select the GroupBy check box.

Distinct Records 

To return only records with unique values:

  1. Select the Distinct check box.

First N Records 

To return a specific number of records from the beginning of the query:

  1. Select "First" in the Show list.

  2. Enter an integer number in the Records control.

Define Arguments 

To define, edit, or delete arguments, click Define Arguments. This displays the Define/Edit Arguments? dialog box.

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