Run a Custom Backup Job


The Run a Custom Backup Job action creates a zip file to backup your database. You can specify which files to backup in the genie, or you can specify a saved setting which defines which files to include in the backup zip file. The Zip Database dialog creates saved settings. If you want to run the same backup operation repeatedly, first save the backup settings through Tools > Zip Database.


  1. On the first page of the Script Genie in the Method for specifying files to backup list select one of the following:

    • "Define files to backup now". Click Select files to Backup to make your selections.

    • "Use a saved Zip Database setting". Select the saved setting from the list.

    • "Prompt user at runtime". Displays a dialog box that allows the operator to choose files.

  2. If you selected "Define files to backup now", click Select files to Backup and select files on the Files to Zip dialog box.

  3. Under Backup click the radio button that indicates whether the files you chose were the files to backup or the files to exclude from backup.

  4. Check Compact Database before creating backup? to compact the database first. The operation is slower but results in a smaller file.

  5. Check Include absolute path names in the backup file? if you will restore the files to the same path. Do not check if you will restore the files to a different folder structure.

  6. Alpha Anywhere cannot backup open files. If you select Before running the backup, close all open windows?, Alpha Anywhere will close all open windows before running the backup. If this script is run from a button on a form, then after the back has been done, the form will be re-opened.

  7. Check Let Alpha Anywhere choose the filename for the backup zip file? if you want to use the built-in Restore Database command.

  8. Specify the folder where Alpha Anywhere will place the zip file.

  9. Check Retain previous backup zip files? if you do not want to overwrite any existing zip files.

  10. Optionally, enter an description of the backup file in the Comment field.

  11. Optionally, click Prompt at Runtime to have the operator describe the backup file.

  12. Optionally, check After the zip file has been created if you want to automatically email the file. Click Define Email Settings and enter the addressing information on the Email dialog box (below).

  13. Click Next >.

  14. Optionally modify the default comment which describes the action.

  15. Click Finish.

Files to Zip Screen

  1. Optionally sort the list by clicking the Sort by Extension or Sort by Name buttons.

  2. Optionally hide all but the .DBF and .SET files by checking the Hide support files? check box.

  3. Optionally check the boxes next to the database files that you wish to back up.

  4. Optional click the Unmark Files ... to de-select many files on the Un-mark Files screen (below).

  5. Optional click the Mark Files ... to select many files on the Mark Files screen.

  6. Click OK to continue.

Un-mark and Mark Files Screens

  1. Optionally, check the Mark all files first? (or Un-mark all files first? ) check box.

  2. Check one of the following buttons:

    • All files

    • Data files only (tables, memo field files, and indexes): .CDX, .DBF, and .FPT files. Then optionally clear the Include indexes check box to eliminate the .CDX files from the list.

    • Application files only (all dictionaries)

  3. Click OK to continue.

Email Dialog Box

  1. Enter an email address or an expression that resolves to an email address in the To: field.

  2. Optionally, enter an email address or an expression that resolves to an email address in the CC: field.

  3. Optionally, enter an email address or an expression that resolves to an email address in the Bcc: field.

  4. Optionally, enter the Subject.

  5. Optionally, enter a Message.

  6. In the Send using field select:

    • Default email client

    • Built-in Alpha Anywhere email client

  7. If you selected the Alpha Anywhere email client, in the Send option field select:

    • Open the Alpha Anywhere email client as a modal dialog box

    • Open the Alpha Anywhere email client as a modeless dialog box

    • Don't open the Alpha Anywhere email client --- just send the message --- with confirmation

    • Don't open the Alpha Anywhere email client --- just send the message --- without confirmation

  8. Click OK to continue.

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