Using Sets


With sets you can link logically related tables together as if they were a single table. A set reduces the storage of redundant information, making your data easier to update, less prone to errors, and more efficient. Sets also offer options not available with single tables. In almost every case, Alpha Anywhere treats sets exactly like tables. You can create layouts and perform and save operations for a set. When entering data into a form designed for a set, the information is automatically placed into the correct table along with the necessary linking information.

How Sets Work

When you create a set, you link pairs of tables together using either one-to-one or one-to-many links. To better understand how linking works, you must first recognize that you build a set starting with a single table, called the Primary Table. You link the other tables, called Child Tables, to the Primary Table. Tables linked from the child tables are then called Grandchild Tables, and so on down the hierarchy.

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