Receive an Email Message


The Receive an Email Message action allows the user to receive email using either the built-in Alpha Anywhere email client, or the user's default email client (e.g. Eudora, Outlook etc.). This is an extremely versatile function that lets you send an email message that includes data from the current record.


  1. Select How you want to specify the email settings. The options are:

    • "Use a pre-defined email profile"

    • "Specify the email settings here"

  2. Click Next >.

  3. If you selected "Specify the email settings here" in step 1, Alpha Anywhere displays a dialog that allows you to enter all critical email settings.

  4. Specify the Incoming Mail Server.

  5. Specify your Login name and Password.

  6. The Inbox and Attachments Folder fields will have default values, but you may change them.

  7. Specify the maximum number of messages to retrieve at one time in the Receive Limit field (-1 indicates all messages).

  8. Specify the port that you POP3 server uses.

  9. Optionally, check Delete messages from server after retrieval.

  10. If you selected "Use a pre-defined email profile" in step 1, Alpha Anywhere displays a list of email profiles.

  11. Select an email profile.

  12. Optionally, click Change Email Settings to change the definition of the profile or to create a new profile.

  13. Click Next >.

  14. Specify how you want to select which messages to download. The options are:

    • "Download all messages"

    • "Bring up a dialog to select which messages to download"

    • "Use expression"

  15. If you selected "Use expression" in step 14, enter an expression that will select messages. Optionally, Open the Email Filter Genie.

  16. Optionally, check Suppress errors if you do not want to see any error dialogs.

  17. Optionally, clear Report progress in the status bar.

  18. Optionally, clear Report progress in the progress dialog.

  19. Optionally, check Bring up Email Reader after downloading message. This control is only enabled if you are using the Alpha Anywhere Email Reader.

  20. Click Next >.

  21. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  22. Click Finish.

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