Backup Database Dialog Box



The Backup Database Dialog Box action displays the Backup Database dialog box. This is the same as selecting the Table/Sets tab of the Control Panel, then clicking Tools > Backup/Restore Database > Backup Database....


  1. If you wish Alpha Anywhere to automatically close all open windows to ensure that all files are backed up, check the Close all open Windows before displaying the Backup Dialog box check box.

  2. Click Next >.

  3. Optionally modify the default comment which describes the action.

  4. Click Finish.

If you wish to close the database after running the backup, you must make the following modifications to your action script.

  1. Edit your script so the Backup Database Dialog Box action is the last action in the script.

  2. Convert the backup database action to Xbasic (either convert just this action to inline Xbasic, or convert the whole script to Xbasic).

  3. Edit the Xbasic for the backup action. You will see a statement like this:

    • on_condition(condition,cmd)
    • This statement registers an Xbasic command (stored in the cmd variable) to run after the backup is complete. Insert cmd = ":a5.close()" in front of this line so it reads:

      cmd = ":a5.close()"

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