Find by Key Dialog (Custom)


The Find by Key Dialog (Custom) action displays the Find by Key dialog. It allows you to customize the settings of the dialog or leave them up to the user.


  1. Make a selection in the Display a customer Find by Key dialog in which window? field. This field will be grayed out unless this action is based on a Form or Browse. The choices are:

    • "Current Form or Browse Window".

    • "Another Form or Browse Window".

  2. If you selected "Another Form or Browse Window", in the Window Name field select either:

    • "Forms"

    • "Browses"

  3. Select one of the listed forms or browses.

  4. On the Define Find by Key Dialog tab make a selection in the Search by? field. The possible values are:

    • "Key (i.e. index/query) that is current at run-time"

    • "Key that you specify now"

  5. If you selected "Key that you specify now", make a selection from the Key is based on list. The possible values are:

    • "Index/Query list"

    • "expression"

  6. If you selected "Index/Query list", select one from the Index/Query Name list.

  7. If you selected "expression", enter an expression in the Key Expression field.

  8. Optionally, on the Customize Dialog tab change the Dialog Title.

  9. Optionally, change the Prompt.

  10. Optionally, change the Style. The possible values are:

    • "Modeless dialog (stays open until you close it)"

    • "Modal dialog"

  11. Optionally, select a new image to appear on the dialog box. Click the Palette icon to display the Insert Image dialog box and select a new image.

  12. Click Next >.

  13. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  14. Click Finish.