Position Window


The Position Window action sets the location of a window.


  1. The Position which window? selection will be set to "Another Form or Browse Window" if your script is not attached to a window. If it is attached to a window, your option will be "Current Window".

  2. Select either of these two radio buttons to populate the Window name list:

    • "Forms"

    • "Browses"

  3. Select the form or browse from the Window name list.

  4. Check the Size the window so that it fills the Alpha Anywhere client area? box if you would like the window to appear to be maximized without forcing all other windows to be maximized.

  5. In the X Position list select either:

    • "Left"

    • "Center"

    • "Right"

  6. In the Y Position list select either:

    • "Top"

    • "Center"

    • "Bottom"

  7. Click Next >.

  8. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  9. Click Finish.

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