Preview a Layout


The Preview a Layout action allows you to print, preview, email, save, or fax a layout in a variety of formats.


  1. On the Settings tab make a selection from the Select Layout Type list. The options are:

    • Report
    • Label
    • Letter
    • Form
    • Browse
  2. Optionally, if the action is running from a button on a layout, check Only show Layouts for current Table/Set to filter the contents of the Layout Name list.

  3. Optionally, check Display 'Print/Preview' prompt at runtime? check box if you would like the user to be able to choose between previewing and printing the layout. This option displays the Print Method dialog box.

  4. Select a layout from the Layout Name list.

  5. If you select "<Prompt at Runtime>" from the Layout Name list, make a selection from the "When prompting, show layouts from" list. The options are:

    • Another Table/Set
    • Current Table/Set
  6. If you selected "Another Table/Set", select a table or set from the Select Table/Set Name list.

  7. Click the Options tab.

  8. To preview a layout, the Preview option should be selected. This option will already be selected if the Action Script chosen from the "Select Action" window was Preview a Layout. If "Preview" is not selected, select it from the list of options.


    The Preview a Layout action can be changed to Archive a Layout, Save a Layout to a File, Send a Layout via E-mail, or Print a Layout by changing the selected option in the Print Method dropdown box.

Configuring the Preview

The layout preview can be configured to display as either a Modeless or Modal window. Choose the desired behavior from the list of options. The available options are described below.

Modeless Window

Allows you perform other actions while the preview window is open.

Modal Window

Requires you to close the preview window before accessing other windows.

Finishing Script Configuration

  1. Click Next >.

  2. Optionally, define record selection criteria.

  3. Click Next >.

  4. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  5. Click Finish.

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