Storing Scripts in a Library


By default, Alpha Anywhere stores all Global Scripts, Global Functions, Custom Menus, and Custom Toolbars in the current database's Library. The Library files have the same name as the database (i.e. the .adb file) with the .alb, .alm and . alx file extensions.


For example, if your database is called "Invoices", then the Library files are invoices.alb, invoices.alm and invoices.alx. When you create a new Global Script, Alpha Anywhere allows you to store the object in another database's library. Alpha Anywhere allows you attach another database's library to the current database. The scripts, functions, menus and toolbars that are part of the external library are then available to you, just as if they had been defined as Part of the current database. Using this ability to attach an external library to the current database, you can create a library of generic functions, scripts, menus and toolbars, and then reuse these objects with all of your databases.

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