Using Compiled Script Libraries


There are three different ways in which you might use .AEX files:

The Auto-Load Compiled Library

When you open a database, Alpha Anywhere checks to see if there is a file with the same name as the database, with an .AEX extension. If so, then Alpha Anywhere will automatically load this .AEX file when the Database is opened. You can prevent the auto-load library from loading in the Settings dialog box (Select the View > Settings > Preferences ).

Attached Compiled Libraries

Select the File > Database Properties. This dialog box has a tab called Compiled Libraries. You can specify the names of any .AEX files that you want to load when the Database is loaded. (There is no need to include the auto-load library in this list).


An Addin is just an .AEX file that has been placed in a special folder in your Alpha Anywhere program folder - the "addins_installed" folder. (The 'addins_installed' folder is in the Alpha Anywhere Executable folder. If you do not see a folder with this name, you can create a new folder with this name and manually place .aex files in it.) The scripts and functions in an Addin are globally available in Alpha Anywhere, regardless of which Database is currently loaded, or whether a Database is loaded at all. In effect, an Addin is part of Alpha Anywhere, and is indistinguishable from the built-in Alpha Anywhere functions. NOTE Much of the functionality of Alpha Anywhere was developed as Addins. Now, you can create your own Addins.

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