Scroll Current Row Method


actualRowSet = <browse>.Scroll_Current_Row as n (row as n)


You can now scroll the row with focus to a particular position within the browse window using the new .Scroll_Current_Row() method.


Open the Invoice form in Alphasports. Set focus to the 4th row in the Invoice Items browse. Then, from the Interactive window, type:

? Invoice:browse1.Scroll_Current_Row(1)

The records in the Browse are scrolled and the row with focus (the 4th row), now becomes the 1st row in the Browse window. Now, set the Browse window back to its previous state:

? Invoice:browse1.Scroll_Current_Row(4)

Then try to set the current row position to 6. Since this is not possible (as there are insufficient rows of data in the Browse), Alpha Anywhere sets the row to the highest possible value (4 in this case)

? Invoice:browse1.Scroll_Current_Row(6)