Manipulating the Control Panel


When you write an application for others to use, you will typically want to hide the standard Alpha Anywhere Control Panel. To do this, create a Global Script called "Autoexec". This script should execute the following Xbasic command:


On your application main menu, you might want to have an Exit button that ends the application, without quitting Alpha Anywhere. This script would execute the following Xbasic command:

To have your Exit button end Alpha Anywhere, you would use this command:


Alpha Anywhere supports the following methods for controlling the Control Panel :


Hide the Control Panel


Show the Control Panel


Maximize the Control Panel


Minimize the Control Panel


Restore the Control Panel

The CONTROLPANEL.MAXIMIZE() method allows you to start up Alpha Anywhere in maximized mode by creating an autoexec script whose first line is :ControlPanel.Maximize(). This is useful for creating the appearance of a "single frame" application, and eliminating the characteristic space left around a non-maximized window.

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