Placing Text Controls


Text controls consist of frames which contain text. You can use them to create any labels, explanations, or titles you need on a layout. Field captions are text controls. To create a text control:

  1. Select the Text Tool 'T' button on the Tool Palette.

  2. Click and drag over the area on which you want to place the control. When you release the mouse button, the word "Text" appears.

  3. Edit the label and select any other area on the form to release it.

Alternatively, you can create a text control by choosing Object > New. When the New Object dialog box appears, choose "Text" from the Object Type list box. To change the text that appears inside the frame, double click on the object. When the cursor appears type in the new text.

Defining Text Properties

To display the Properties dialog for a text control, right click on it and select Properties... .

  1. To adjust the font properties of text, you may use the Text Toolbar or display the control's Font tab. Here you can set the font, style, size, color, and alignment of the text.

  2. To adjust the dimensions of text frame, display its Dimensions tab, and set its Left and Top coordinates, and its Width and Height. You may change the units of measure on the Settings dialog.

  3. To adjust the border or fill styles of a text frame, display the Border tab.

    • 1. To adjust the border properties of the text frame, refer to Defining Border Style and Color.

    • 2. To adjust the shadow properties of the text frame, refer to Defining Shadows.

    • 3. To adjust the fill properties of the text frame, refer to Defining Fill Style and Color.

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