Pop-Up Event Editor


The Pop-Up Event Editor runs in a modeless window and provides an easy way to attach scripts to object events. When editing a layout, select an object and click Object > Pop-up Event Editor... or right-click and select Events > Pop-up Editor....


  1. Select an event to edit from the list.

  2. Click either the Xbasic Editor and Action Scripting Editor radio buttons to select the environment to work in.

  3. Switch to interactive mode by clicking the Interactive Window tab.

  4. Click Launch Script Editor to switch to the regular modal Code Editor.

  5. Launch the Xbasic Genie by clicking the 'lamp' icon.

  6. Launch the Xbasic Explorer by clicking the 'wrench' icon.

  7. Launch the Script Library by clicking the 'book' icon.

    • images/XB_Popup Script Editor.gif

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