Defining Border Style and Color


Alpha Anywhere provides an expanded definition of border styles and color. You may apply these borders to controls and layouts.

  1. Make a selection from the Style picker. The options are:

    • "None""

    • "Single line"

    • "Indented"

    • "Etched"

    • "Bump"

    • "Raised"

    • "Dots"

    • "Dashes"

    • "Long Dashes"

    • Line Style Picker


If you did not select "None" in step 1, make a selection from the Edge Shape picker. The options are:

  • "Square"

  • "Oval"

  • "Small Rounded"

  • "Medium Rounded"

  • "Large Rounded"

  • "Small Beveled"

  • "Medium Beveled"

  • "Large Beveled"

  • Edge Shape Picker


If you selected "Square" in the Edge Shape list:

  1. Optionally, make a selection from the line pixel Width list.

  2. Optionally, hide or show any of the four sides of the border.


Desktop applications only.