Adding Tables or Sets to a Workspace


You can add an existing DBF table, perhaps previously created in another Alpha Anywhere workspace, or some other program, to your current workspace.

This utility adds a table to the workspace, but does not move it. If you want to add a new, independent version of a table to your workspace, first create a copy of it with Windows Explorer, then add it to your workspace.
If you add a table that is still part of another workspace, do not rename, delete, or modify this table. You will cause problems for the other workspace.
  1. Select File > Add Table/Set or click the following to display the Add Tables/Sets to Workspace dialog box. The Add Table/Sets dialog sets the default initial folder based on the DBF table or set in the Control Panel that has focus. For example, if the C:\Program Files\A5v5\Samples\Alphasports\customer.dbf table has focus when this dialog is invoked, the dialog will show tables and sets in the C:\Program Files\A5v5\Samples\Alphasports folder. If no DBF table or set has focus, the dialog will show table and sets in the same folder as the workspace (i.e. the .adb file).

  2. Click the 'open folder' icon to navigate to and select a DBF table or set (this also resets the folder, whose tables and sets are displayed in the Table/Set Names list).

  3. Optionally, under Table/Set Names enter the leading characters of the DBF table or set name to filter the table/set list.

  4. Select a DBF table or set from the Table/Set Names list and click Add Table >> to add it to your workspace.

  5. Optionally, click Add Table >>> to add all displayed tables and sets to the workspace.

  6. Optionally, select a DBF table or set from the Table/Set Names list and click << Remove Table to remove it from the list

  7. Optionally, click <<< Remove Table to remove all DBF tables and sets from the list.

  8. Click OK to make the additions to your workspace or Cancel to drop your inputs and do nothing.

Missing DBF Table

If a DBF table is missing, its icon on the Table/Sets tab of the Control Panel will be gray. If you want to remove the DBF table, drop it from the workspace. If the problem is only that the workspace cannot find the DBF table, you can use the Add Table/Set function to indicate its location and restore it in the Control Panel.


Not available in Community Edition.

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