Compacting the Workspace


When designing forms and reports, the size of the data dictionaries (the DDD and SET files) grows over time as you continue to make edits to the objects in your workspace. It is a good practice to periodically remove the extra bulk by compacting the workspace.

The Workspace Compact command packs all tables and compresses the data dictionary files. You can check the size of the workspace before and after compacting to see the file size reduction. You can also select to compact the workspace when you back it up.

To compact a workspace:

  1. Open a workspace Control Panel.

  2. Close all forms, operations, and such. Alpha Anywhere cannot perform a compact operation on tables with open forms.

  3. Select File > Workspace Compact. Alpha Anywhere completes the Compact Workspace Operation.

Packing Tables

The Pack Operation removes deleted records from the workspace and compresses memo fields. You should pack tables periodically so that they take up less space and to help workspace operations run more quickly.

After packing a table, you can no longer un-delete records. Also, if you select Compact Workspace before Backup in the Backup dialog box, Alpha Anywhere packs the records and you cannot un-delete them.

To pack a workspace:

  1. Open a workspace and display the Control Panel.

  2. Right-click on a table, and select Table > Utilities > Pack from the right-click menu.

  3. An Alpha Anywhere warning appears.

  4. Click OK.

  5. A Pack confirmation window appears.


Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.