Marking and Deleting Selected Records in a Table


Covers marking, unmarking, and deleting records

Marking and Unmarking Records

Using a form or browse, you can select a group of records by marking them. Marked records can be viewed, printed, or processed separately from other records. To mark a record, navigate to a record and press CTRL M or select Records > Mark. To unmark a record, navigate to a marked record and press CTRL U or select Records > Unmark. For example, you have a table of customer records and you want to send some of them bonus coupons. However, you only want to send coupons to your best customers. You can navigate from record-to-record and only mark the records of customers to whom you want to send coupons. Once the records are marked, you can print only those records by setting a range before printing.

Deleting and Undeleting Records

To delete records from a form or a browse:

  1. If in a browse, select the records by dragging the Row Selector on the left edge of the screen.

  2. Press CTRL D or select Edit > Delete.

After a Pack operation, records cannot be recovered.

You can un-delete records in a table or set, if the table or set has not yet been packed. Right-click on the table or set and select the Utilities > Undelete Records... .

Marking, Unmarking, and Deleting Selected Records

This procedure works on the current selection of records.
  1. When viewing a form or browse select Records > Delete/Mark/Un-mark Selected Records.

  2. Select the operation type. The options are:

    • Mark Records

    • Un-mark Records

    • Delete Records

  3. Click OK to proceed or Cancel to discard your inputs.


Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.