Pack Tables


You pack a table if there have been design changes (changes to the data dictionary) or you have deleted records that you want to permanently remove. The Pack Tables action allows you to pack tables in your database. This will delete records marked for removal and compress memo files.

Because a table must be closed before being packed, you cannot use the Pack Tables action to pack the current form's table or set.


  1. On the first page of the Script Genie select either:

    • "All tables in the database". This will pack all tables in the database except for the ones you select in the list below.

    • "Selected tables". This will pack only the tables that you specify in the list below.

  2. Make selections in the check box list.

  3. Optionally, check the Show a list of tables that could not be packed because they were in use? field.

  4. Click Next >.

  5. Optionally modify the default comment which describes the action.

  6. Click Finish.


Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.

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