Using a Query to Find a Record


The following script shows how a query works. First, we open a table and set the query dot variable parameters. In this case the default record order is fine. We only filter for records where the field Bill_State_Region equals "MA". Finally, we create the query list.

dim tbl as P
dim qry as P
dim nrecs as N
tbl ="customer")
query.filter = "Bill_State_Region = 'MA'"
qry = tbl.query_create()

The next two lines demonstrate that we can get the number of records in the query.

nrecs = qry.records_get()
ui_msg_box("","The number of matching records is " + nrecs)

The next lines demonstrate how to loop through the records of the query list and process them.

ui_msg_box("", "The state is " + tbl.Bill_state_region)
while .not. tbl.fetch_eof()
    ' do something interesting with the data

Finally, we clean up.



Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.

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