Using the New Table/Set Genie


To open the New Table/Set Genie :

  1. From the Tables/Sets tab on the Control Panel, click the New button, and select Create Using Genie.

  2. Select either the Table or Set radio button.

  3. Select a template to copy.

  4. Optionally, click Preview to display the Table Information or Set Information dialog boxes, which will provide detailed structure information.

  5. Optionally, clear the Include sample Layouts check box if you want to copy only the table or set structure.

  6. Optionally, check Include sample data check box if you need sample data to assist in your application development.

  7. Click Next >.

  8. Optionally, clear the Create check box if you would like the new table or set to be placed in a different folder (than the template).

  9. Enter a new name for the table or set in the Table Name field.

  10. If the Folder Name field is visible, enter the folder location for the new table or set.

  11. Click Finish to conclude.

Preview some Alpha Anywhere table templates, looking at the field definitions and indexes.

Create Templates

You can also create your own table and set templates. Simply right-click on any table or set that you want to make into a template and select the Utilities > Create Template command. Alpha Anywhere will create a template for the current table or set. You have the option of including the data from the current table in the template as sample data. You also have the option of including Field Rules from the current table or set in the template.


Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.

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