Accelerator Keys


You may create an accelerator key by placing an ampersand "&" before a character in a text label or in the name of a pane or frame. Pressing ALT and the indicated key moves focus to the control.

To display an ampersand "&" character, use "&&".
  • ALT + 1

    sets focus to Pane 1.

  • ALT + 2

    sets focus to Pane 2.

  • ALT + F

    sets focus to the First Name field on Pane 1.

  • ALT + L

    sets focus to the Last Name field on Pane 1.

  • ALT + D

    sets focus to the First Name field in the Dad frame.

  • ALT + B

    sets focus to the Button frame.

  • ALT + O

    clicks the OK button.

  • ALT + C

    clicks the Cancel button.


result = ui_dlg_box("xx",<<%dlg%
{pane=Pane &1}
&First Name:|[.30firstname];
&Last Name:|[.30lastname];
{pane=Pane &2}
First Name:|[.30firstname];
Last Name:|[.30lastname];
<*&Ok> <&Cancel>
ui_dlg_box("Result","Result = "+result+";<&Ok>")