Colored Dynamic Text


Unlike the example in the Colored Static Text topic, the color for the text to be displayed in the dialog is contained in the variable font_color. The background color is also determined by a variable, background_color, but it is hard coded to "Win3d".

dim text as C
dim formatted_text as C
text = "Alpha Anywhere Can Do Colored Dynamic Text"
font_color = "Dark Blue"
background_color = "Win3d"
flag = .t.
formatted_text = "{B="+background_color+"}" + "{C="+font_color+"}" + text
ui_dlg_box("Colored Text",<<%dlg%
Below is an example of 'owner draw' dynamic text;
Text: [.40text!change] Font color: [%c%.20font_color!change];
(flag) Enable/Disable text;
if (a_dlg_button = "change") then
    a_dlg_button = ""
    formatted_text = "{B="+background_color+"}" + "{C="+font_color+"}" + text
end if

Note how the (flag) check box sets the flag variable, which enables or disables the dynamic text.



Desktop applications only.

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