Owner Draw Radio Buttons


This dialog box demonstrates Freeform Radio buttons that use images instead of text. The B directive sets the style of the button, shading the background of the button when the mouse is over it. The T directive defines the bubble help text. The I directive defines the image to be displayed.

The value set by the button click is stored in layout_type and displayed in the text box.

layout_type = 1
This dialog box demonstrates Owner Draw Radio buttons.;
{frame=1,1:Layout Type}
(%B=T;T=Browse Layout;I=$a5_browse%layout_type:Browse) (%B=T;T=Form Layout;I=$a5_form%layout_type:Form) (%B=T;T=Report Layout;I=$a5_report%layout_type:Report);
Selected Value: [.10layout_type];


Desktop applications only

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