Multi-line and Word-wrapped Text Boxes


To create a multi-line, word-wrapped text box control, you use the %M% format option. To create a multi-line, word-wrapped text box control that accepts the Enter key, use the %MW% formatting option. If you do not use the 'W' in the formatting string, the Enter key will select the default button on the dialog. The following dialog displays multi-line, word-wrapped text boxes, one of which accepts the Enter key to move to a new line.

result=ui_dlg_box("Word-Wrapped Text Boxes",<<%dlg%
This text box will not accept the Enter key.;
This text box accepts the Enter key. When you press Enter, you advance to a new line.;
<*15&OK> <15&Cancel>
%dlg% )

This script produces this dialog:



Desktop applications only

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