Resizable List Box Columns


Descriptions and an example on resizable list box columns.



Note that the special syntax for the tab. {T=1.5:0-20} indicates a moveable tab stop whose initial position is at 1.5 inches. The tab stop can be moved in the range 0 to 20 inches. A tab definition of {T=1.5:.5-20}, for example, would indicate that when the column is resized, it cannot be moved left of the .5 inch tab position. The special syntax for the tab: {T=$1} means that the actual tab position will be obtained from the first tab in the reference format string. In the case of the list box control the directive F=orig_fmt tells the list box that the reference format string is called "orig_fmt".

dim orig_fmt as C
dim fmt as C
dim format as P
dim dlg_title as C
orig_fmt = "{F=Arial,8}{C=Dark Blue}{B=Blue White}{A=1C}First{T=1.5:0-20}{A=2C}Second{T=3.5:0-20}{A=3C}Third{A=}"
fmt = orig_fmt
data = <<%a%
Row 1 Column 1{T=$1}Row 1 Column 2{T=$2}Row 1 Column 3{LF}Row 1, 2nd line{T=$1}Row 1, Column 2, 2nd line
Row 2 Column 1{T=$1}Row 2 Column 2{T=$2}Row 2 Column 3
Row 3 Column 1{T=$1}Row 3 Column 2{T=$2}Row 3 Column 3{LF}{T=$1}{T=$2}Row 3 Column 3, 2nd line
Row 4 Column 1{T=$1}Row 4 Column 2{T=$2}Row 4 Column 3
Row 5 Column 1{T=$1}Row 5 Column 2{T=$2}Row 5 Column 3
Row 6 Column 1{T=$1}Row 6 Column 2{T=$2}Row 6 Column 3
Format.even_row_color="Blue White"
Format.odd_selected_color="Dark Blue"
Format.even_selected_color="Dark Blue"
data = a5_owner_draw_list_fmt(data, Format)
dlg_title = "Resizeable List Box Columns"
This script demonstrates how a list box can include resizeable columns. To demonstrate, click and drag on the column dividers. The script also demonstrates how each row in the list box can be multi-line.;
if a_dlg_button = "resize" then
    'This event is fired whenever the mouse is over the column headings.
    'The event fires whether or not the columns are actually resized.
    a_dlg_button = ""
    if (fmt <> orig_fmt) then

If the columns are resized, the orig_fmt string will contain the tab positions reflecting the new tab stops for each column. After resizing columns, fmt will no longer be the same as orig_fmt. We set fmt to orig_fmt (so now the displayed buttons reflect the tab stops that you "set" by dragging the column dividers).

fmt = orig_fmt
    end if
end if
if a_dlg_button = "click" then
    a_dlg_button = ""
    control = ui_dlg_control_anchor_from_pos(dlg_title)
    ui_msg_box("","User pressed: " + control)
end if


Desktop applications only

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