Specifying the Row Background Color


In this next example, we show how you can control the row color for each row in a list box. The owner draw specification for controlling the row background color is:

{B=Unselected Color, Selected Color [,Disabled Color]}

The code below sets the background color for row 1 and row 4. When row 1 or 4 is selected, the background is green. When row 1 and 4 are unselected, the background is Blue White. Rows 2 and 3 use the default background color.

tab1 = "{T=1}"
tab2 = "{T=2}"
font2 = "{F=Arial,8,B}"
font1 = "{F=Arial,8}"
rowcolor1 = "{B=Blue White,Green}"
rowcolor2 = "{C=Black,White}"
dim data_selected as N
data_selected = 1
data =  rowcolor1+font2+"Boston"+font1+tab1+"Red Sox"+tab2+"Baseball" + crlf()+\
       "Boston"+tab1+"Celtics"+tab2+"Basketball" + crlf()+\
       "Boston"+tab1+"Patriots"+tab2+"Football" + crlf()+\
       rowcolor1+font2+"New York"+font1+tab1+"Yankees"+tab2+"Baseball" + crlf()

This script produces this dialog:

images/XD_Specifying the row color for data.gif
images/XD_Specifying the row color for data 2.gif


Desktop applications only

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