Static Text Genie


The Static Text Genie makes the process of creating sophisticated and attractive Xdialog forms easier, faster, and more reliable. The Static Text Genie generates properly formatted Xdialog code for static text. The genie provides:

  • bug-free Xdialog code

  • a view of the Xdialog code as it is composed

  • a WYSIWYG preview of the finished text

  • easily accessible menus of fonts, colors, and images

When working on a Xbasic script in the Code Editor, right click and select Genies ... > Xdialog > Static Text Genie ....


Working from left to right, you can set the display font and style, font (foreground) color, background color, add an image, and define the button text.

images/Static Text Genie.gif

Finally, clicking the Insert Code in Script Editor button produces the following results:

images/Static Text Genie_inserted text.gif

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