The Code Editor Control


You can turn a standard text box control into a Xbasic Code Editor using the %L% formatting code. You should define column and row dimensions for the text box that are large enough to display a reasonable size code editor. Here is an example dialog with an embedded code editor.

Code = ""
Result = ui_dlg_box("Script",<<%dlg%
Type in some Xbasic code, then click OK to execute the code.;
<*15&OK> <15&Cancel>;
if result = "&OK" then
end if

This script produces this dialog:


To test out the code editor, type this into the code editor, then click the OK button:

Ui_msg_box("Hello","Hello World",ui_information_symbol)

You should see this dialog appear:


In the above example, %L% formatting code specifies that the text box should be transformed into a code editor. The size specification for the code editor is .80,15, which specifies that the code editor is 80 characters wide and 15 lines high.


Desktop applications only

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