Working with Images that Contain Multiple Sub-Images


An image can contain multiple sub-images. For example, the Alpha Anywhere system image called 'filebox' contains sub-images. The following script displays a dialog showing the 'filebox' image:


This script produces the following dialog:


Lesson 13: Image with multiple sub-images

The filebox image contains 8 sub-images. You can select a sub-image from an image using the syntax:


For example, to select the 2 nd image from the filebox, (which has 8 sub-images in total), you would use the following syntax:


The following dialog uses the 2 nd (of 8) and 7 th (of 8) sub-image on buttons.

result = ui_dlg_box("Bitmap Buttons",<<%dlg%
<%I=filebox:2:8%open> <%I=filebox:7:8%new> <*OK> 

This script produces the following dialog:

images/XD_Bitmap Buttons.gif


Desktop applications only

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