TextBox Properties


The most important properties of a TextBox control are the Size and MaxLength properties. The MaxLength should match the field definition in your table. The size can be large

HTML5 type 

Specify an optional value for the textbox 'type' attribute. Leave blank to use 'text'.


Sets the width of the field in characters.

If the 'Lookup' property is checked, set the control size using the 'In-line style' property. E.g. width: 3in;


Sets the maximum length of the user's input in characters. Set to -1 for no limit.

In-line style 

Specifies style attributes that override the settings inherited from the style sheet. Click to define the In-line style. Refer to the Style Editor for details.

Container in-line style 

(Only applies to controls that have a smart field button - e.g. Lookups, Date/Time pickers) Specify style attributes for the container for the control. The container encloses both the input control and the smart field button.

Is a password field 

If this is a password field, the characters will be replaced with bullets.


Specify if the field has a watermark. The watermark text appears in the textbox when there is no value in the textbox.

Watermark text 

Specify the watermark text. Set to <FieldLabel> to use the field label as the watermark text.

Watermark class name 

Specify the class name for the watermark text. Leave blank to use default class. This class is applied on top of any existing classes.

Watermark style 

Specify the style for the watermark text.

Custom attributes 

Additional custom HTML attributes to add to the generated HTML for the control.